Shipping My Item

Should I remove my SIM card before shipping to SellMac?

Your SIM card contains information that is unique to you and serves as your identifier to your cellular network. You should definitely remove your SIM card before shipping to SellMac. We cannot sell your device on the marketplace without you removing the SIM card. SIM cards are usually located behind the battery or around the back compartment of any cellular device and are fairly easy to remove. For iPhone models below the iPhone 4, check between the headphone slot and the power button to find your SIM card. For newer models, a pin/paperclip needs to be inserted into the hole beside the SIM card tray to eject it. Please ensure the casing/back cover is properly attached before shipping.

Does my device get ensured against loss during shipping and for any damages that may occur during the shipping process?

We at SellMac recommend that you only ship through FedEx or USPS offices and never use a drop box. Ensure that the item is handed directly to someone working at either FedEx or the USPS location. Using a Drop Box will ensure that you void the Lost in Shipping claim and could even delay shipping by a couple of weeks. We recommend packing very carefully to reduce the risk of damage during shipping. Ensure that packing foam is present and that the device isn't allowed to move around inside the shipping container. Great Buy Electronics will deny any damage claims if the product is not properly packed. Try using a specialized packing service to ensure that your products are packed perfectly. The serial number of your device and photos of it in original condition are required to file a claim. Please ensure you record this information before shipping your device.

What shipping methods does SellMac provide?

SellMac currently provides shipping via both USPS and FedEx shipping methods. USPS: If you've been provided a UPSP label from SellMac, you can simply pack your products in the box and ship it from any post office near you. FedEx: If you've been provided a FedEx label from SellMac, you can ship from any FedEx office or Worldwide Service Center near you. You can even take your label to FedEx and have them pack the product for you for safer shipping.

Does SellMac accept multiple orders in one box?

The good news is, SellMac does accept multiple orders in one box. Please ensure the electronics are carefully packed so they do not bump into each other, and the individual package slips are attached to each device so we know which offer we are processing. Package slips that are switched or erroneous will cause delays in our review of your device.

Can the SellMac shipping label be used on another box?

The shipping labels we send you may be used on any box you desire. Please ensure you pick a box that fits all your products and packs them safely and securely. If you've managed to misplace your shipping label, log on to the SellMac website and print another one. Place the label on the box that best suits your product and ship away!

How do I deactivate my device?

Before shipping your phone to SellMac, ensure it is properly deactivated. If you're having trouble with the deactivation, please contact your carrier to see if your Electronic Serial Number is still active. If you've still got an active ESN, consider the following options:

1. Has your device been reported lost or stolen?

2. Do you still have dues to clear with your carrier? Have you paid of any remaining balance?

3. Is your device still active with the carrier? Please contact your carrier and ensure proper deactivation before shipping to SellMac.

What's the proper way to erase all your iPhone data and settings?

Try backing up all your data via Apple's iCloud service or by syncing the data with your computer. Once you are done backing it up, follow the instructions below:

1. Locate an icon on your phone that looks like a gear. This will allow you to access your device settings.

2. Locate the general tab in the settings. Look around for the reset button.

3. Once you've found the button, click it. Hit the button that says Erase all contents and settings. Confirm your selection and you should be done.

4. Alternatively, you could erase your settings from iCloud if you've already shipped the device to SellMac.

What's the proper way to prepare your device for shipping to SellMac?

To ensure quick processing times and speedy payment from SellMac, please follow the instructions below before sending us your device:

1. Ensure that your phone is unlocked (if you're unsure as to how you unlock your phone, contact your carrier and follow their instructions).

2. Ensure that the cellular service for your device is deactivated. It's as simple as taking out your SIM card and paying off all dues to the carrier.

3. If your device has ever had the Device Tracking (iCloud) option enabled, please turn it off and remove the password.

4. Backup all your files before sending your phone to SellMac. Remove your SD card, all personal effects and any extra add-on from your device. Try using the factory-reset option for better results.

5. Ensure your device has a reasonable amount of charge before sending it to SellMac so that we can boot it up right away. This allows for faster payments on our part.

6. Please ensure that you have full ownership of the device you are sending.

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