Selling my Device to SellMac

What procedures do I follow if my device is not visible on SellMac?

Unfortunately, if your product is not available on the SellMac list, it probably means we wont be doing business or making offers on it. If you send in a different model than the one specified on the site, we'll get back to you with a new offer which which you can accept or decline. Devices for all declined offers are sent back to you free of charge.

What is the process for receiving payment after I've sent in my device?

There are several processes you must consider when sending your product in to SellMac. 1. Payments are quickest via Paypal or Amazon. Checks take longer to process and send so please allow at least 7 to 10 business days for us to send your check via post. 2. Please consider the time it takes to be shipped to our offices. (Allow at least 3-5 business days for shipping). 3. Once the item is in our gentle care, we will carefully review your offer for the next 3-5 business days. 4. Once we're done, you can cash out to Paypal or Amazon instantly! Checks, as mentioned above, take longer.

What factors does SellMac consider when calculating the price of my items?

Here at great buy, we constantly scan the marketplace to offer you current and effective pricing for your product. A great many factors are considered when we look over your device, including current market rates, the current condition of your device and even the demand of the particular product on the marketplace. With SellMac, you don't have to add pictures, product descriptions and a thousand other things like you do on Ebay, Craigslist or any other online marketplace. Send in your offer, fill out a simple survey answering some easy questions and send in your product. You're payment will be on the way once we've had time to review it. Remember, unlike other marketplaces, Great Buy Electronics confirms secure payment for your products. With great competitive prices and lower risks, this is definitely the best option when it comes to selling gadgets online.

How to turn off ?

For devices using iOS 7 the “Find my phone” option is automatically turned on. If you have already shipped your product without turning it off, don’t worry. You can turn it off using icloud on your pc or laptop. Please follow the instructions below: Visit and login using you Apple icloud account. This is the same id you use on your phone. Clink on the devices option on the top and remove the device you sent at SellMac. Removal confirmation will appear next. Click ‘yes’ to continue. If you have previously received any email from us to perform these tasks, then you will find a link in the email. Click on the link and let us know that you have turned off the option so that we can move to the next process.

How to turn off the “Find my phone” option before shipping to SellMac?

“Find my phone” is an option available in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which enables the user to locate their phone if lost. However, this option also prevents new users from activating the phone, so we will not be able to offer the full value for devices with “Find my phone” turned on. We request all our users to please turn the option off before sending us your device. The step by step process is explained below. Go to the settings option of your device’s home screen. In the setting menu look for “icloud” option and tap it. Scroll to the bottom and see if the “Find my phone” option is turned on. If On tap the slider to turn it off.

Is my personal information safe with SellMac?

SellMac understands the safety concerns of our customers and we take all the necessary precautions to protect your information. We do not share or sell any personal information of our customers. We will only contact you with new offers if you want us to. During the start of every inspection all our devices are wiped clean and any SIM cards or memory cards sent to us are destroyed. Please note any SIM cards or memory cards that you unknowingly send us will be destroyed and we won’t be able to give it back to you. Please be extra careful as to check what you are sending us.

Is it possible for someone to sell my phone on TechGator which was lost or stolen?

TechGator does not buy phones that have been lost or stolen. If we find a device that has been lost or stolen we try to contact the owner. If your device has been lost or stolen make sure to report this to your service provider and the police. They can make sure that the phone cannot be accessed by another user. Many phones nowadays come with a remote lock system that allows you to erase your personal information if lost or stolen. These phones even display a message on the screen stating the contact number of the owner. If we find any such device which is locked and has contact information of the real owner, we will contact you. After verification that the device is indeed yours we will return the product to you free of charge!

Does SellMac purchase phones that have been reported Lost or Stolen?

We do not purchase any devices reported lost or stolen. We use a tool called CheckMEND to scan all the devices we receive. CheckMEND contains information from mobile phone carriers, insurance companies and law enforcement. CheckMEND detects any smartphones, tablets and computers that might be stolen or lost. It accumulates data from law enforcement agencies (including FBI), insurance companies and the leading mobile phone carriers to create a database of devices that are reported stolen and lost. SellMac uses CheckMEND for all of its devices. TechGator also assists law enforcement agencies for investigating stolen or lost devices. We record the electronic serial number for all our devices. For items that are under investigation we assist the law enforcement by providing the trail. Our online trade in process also requires our customers to confirm that the device is theirs and is not reported stolen or lost.

When I sell my phone to SellMac, what accessories do I need to send with my iPhone?

Apart from a fully operating charger you do not need to send us anything. The price we offer to you is only for the charger and device. Please note if you accidentally send us other accessories such as headphones or anything else we will not be able to return it to you. Before inspection these items are usually discarded.

How do I determine the condition of my device?

Here is a guide we have made in order to make it easier for you to assess the condition of your product.

For iPhones, Tablets and Smartphones:

- Flawless if works great, no problems, no scratches, and no dust under glass.

- Good if works great with some minor signs of wear and tear and no buttons are missing.

- Broken if doesn't turn on, cracked or broken screen, missing buttons, missing parts like battery cover, some key features not working like camera.

For Apple MacBook and Other Devices:

- Flawless if works great, no flaws and no scratches on display.

- Good if the device is 100% functional, may have small flaws, light scratches on display that does not affect viewing.

- Broken if doesn't power on, power port is broken, system fan doesn't work, and display is heavily damaged and has multiple defects.

Do you accept devices locked by a carrier not on your list?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept any devices locked by a service provider other than the ones mentioned on our site.

What if my device has an engraving on it?

In the case that your device contains an engraving, you have nothing to worry about. The trade value of the product will be unchanged.

Does SellMac buy from or sell to customers outside the US?

SellMac does not buy devices from outside of the US. However, we do sell to buyers outside the US.

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