How it Works

Is there any cost or obligation to use SellMac?

Setting up an account or transaction with us is absolutely free. We will pay for all shipping costs and even after we have sent you a box for your products, you can cancel you order without any charge. You are never under any obligation to send us your item and even if you don’t, you do not have to face any penalties. Your order will automatically cancel after 30 days.

What if the condition I provide for my device is inaccurate?

After you send us your device, an expert from our team examines it and matches it with the information you have provided us. If we find that your information and our evaluation do not match, the initial offer might increase or decrease. If the initial offer changes for any reason you will be notified by an email. The mail will state the new offer and what the reasons behind the new offer are. If you do not agree with the new offer your item will be shipped back to you. (Please note that you have 5 days to reply to our mail, after which the new offer will be accepted automatically). We understand that sometimes providing accurate details about the condition might be difficult. If you require any help please take a look at our “How do I determine the condition of my device” FAQ section.

What criteria does the transaction have to meet to be eligible for the referral program?

The friend you are referring must be a first time customer of Great Buy Electronics and value of their trade must be $25 or more. You will receive the reward only after the trade has been completed successfully. Great Buy Electronics will then award $10 to both you and you friend. Please note that you will only be eligible for the referral program if the trade is initialized from the personalized link the referrer received after the referral.

Do I get paid for referring SellMac to a friend and how?

For referring us to one of your friends, you will be paid with a Tango gift card. These can be activated on When you are activating the card, you will be able to choose which type of gift card you want. Some of the retailers are Amazon, Gap, Starbucks, iTunes and many more.

What type of electronics does SellMac buy?

We primarily look to buy Apple products. Products we are currently buying are-iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks, Macs, some Apple TVs & Apple Displays. All our products are listed on our website Please note if you cannot find the exact model of your device on our website we do not buy that item any longer. If we receive any item we are not currently buying, we will not be able to offer the quoted price. We will provide a counter offer or if we cannot use it we will ship the item back to you free of charge or recycle it with your permission.

How does SellMac work?

Keeping our customers' needs in mind, we have made SellMac as user friendly and easy to use as possible. Start by finding your item on If you can't find your item, then we do not buy it currently. While finding your item, please make sure that you choose the item that EXACTLY matches your item.

After finding your item, tell us about its condition by answering a few easy questions. Check out our offer, if you like it simply proceed to the checkout process. Let us know how you would like to get paid through PayPal, Check or gift card. Shipping is absolutely free!!

Our offer is valid for 30 days only but the earlier you send it the earlier you will receive your money. After receiving your box, our team will verify your device and pay you.

How do I create an account?

The fastest way to create an account with SellMac is to sell us a device. Next you have to find your device and see the offer. As you choose the offer, you will be asked to provide your personal information to setup an account. You will have to provide your address, contact information and method of payment. Trading in your device to us is absolutely free of charge! After creating the account, it can take our system a maximum of 15 minutes to recognize it. You will then be sent an activation email that will also contain your electronic shipping kit. The shipping kit includes your packing slip and shipping label. Just follow the activation link and activate your account. If you face any problem with activation contact us immediately via live chat or call us (800) 747-1023.

How to reset my password?

Simply click on the link here to get started. Enter the email address you're using for your account. An email will be sent containing a link that will guide you step by step to rest your password.

Why should I choose SellMac?

Trading in electronics requires a lot of trust. SellMac understand that and try to do our best to not let our customers down. We have established our reputation since the beginning of our operations in 2008. Our customers are highly encouraged to look at the reviews posted by other customers and see what they had to say about SellMac. SellMac has received an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. Please connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have more questions regarding this topic, please contact us via Chat or Email.

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